Our Services

Propelled by experience and passion, Arab Architects is proud to have completed numerous milestone projects within the Kingdom of Bahrain, the GCC and globally. We hold a reputation for excellence and nurture a design philosophy that inspires individual works of art as well as a commitment to cutting-edge innovation, all of which are testament to our desire of delivering outstanding results for clients wherever they are in the world.


A significant benefit of working with Arab Architects is in its strategic planning; we partner with our clients to provide end-to-end architectural and engineering consultancy solutions.


Pre Contract Services

We work with a strong sense of empathy for people and landscapes, we partner with our clients to provide fully inclusive, world-class Architectural and Engineering Consultancy solutions.


Post Contract Services

Central to post-contract services is the provision for maintaining control over the fine details in the instillation of interior fixtures. Project supervision also allows our dedicated team to track results relating to the aesthetic and technical aspects of the design.


Established and built over three decades of experience, with a deep understanding of the harsh desert terrain, Arab Architects recognises that design is one of the most powerful strategic tools for securing lasting competitive advantage.

Our team approaches every proposition with an open mindset. We actively listen to our clients; their priorities and ambitions then endeavor to develop unique and rational designs with deep social and cultural understanding of local communities.


Architectural harmony and space planning are crucial elements of our vision; clear structural analysis, design and construction management are vital in ensuring that a design resonates with its surroundings. Arab Architects work in partnership with our clients; our motivated team adopts a creative approach towards design and structure to produce examples of architectural brilliance.


The distinctive consultancy services of Arab Architects combine local expertise with global perspective, working seamlessly to fulfill the vision of our clients in a cost-effective and timely manner. Experts in strategic planning, each advisor is up to date with the latest developments and best current practice and provides clients with realistic timeframes, costs and return-on-investment.

The design services at Arab Architects synergise engineering processes with the backdrop of the location to create project-based designs that are shared with the client and implemented as a process. Our structured philosophy is guided by the client’s requirements rather than a pre-determined style; this has enabled Arab Architects to emerge as one of the leaders in its field.

The proficiency and precise attention to detail, honed over years of experience, enables our team of architects and designers to guarantee the resolution of any issues before they become problems.

A significant reason we have such high levels of proven client satisfaction is the onsite presence of our Client Representative and Director of Operations. Arab Architects provide a constant point of contact for clients and their contractors. From project initiation until the moment of completion, our expert team monitors the design and construction process as well as managing the complicated logistics of materials, permits and documents.