Our Services

Arab Architects are passionate about creating unique, timeless structures, which meet the requirements of change and growth. Nurturing an innovative design philosophy, we inspire individual works of art that are responsive to purpose, culture and location.


On the global platform, propelled by experience and passion, award-winning Arab Architects brings together exceptional, dedicated specialists in Design, Engineering and Construction Industry. We are proud to have led the field in numerous milestone projects and hold a reputation, worldwide, for excellence.


Recently awarded the coveted ISO 9001:2015 certification in Architectural and Engineering Design, Supervision and Consultancy Services, Arab Architects is an integrated organisation providing global reach with a local touch. Our most successful projects have achieved a truly shared authorship between the Design and Supervision Team and our clients; this was clearly demonstrated when we were the proud recipients of the prestigious Arabian Property Award. We invest time to build long-lasting, strong relationships based on mutual respect and a shared vision.


Pre Contract Services

We work with a strong sense of empathy for people and landscapes, partnering with our clients to provide fully inclusive, world-class architectural and engineering consultancy solutions.


Post Contract Services

With a proven track record in architectural and engineering supervision, Arab Architects are expert project managers dealing with all aspects of post-contract work.

Our Achievements

It is with great pleasure that we present this short clip showcasing the range and calibre of our projects, both ongoing and completed, throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain. We have been privileged to work with the biggest names in the Kingdom and the most prestigious towers as well. Together we are not only altering the skyline of the Kingdom, but we are also elevating the standards in which the developers have come to expect.

“We shape buildings; thereafter they shape us.” - Winston Churchill


The internationally certified, talented team at Arab Architects is known for high-quality performance and timely completion of assignments. Since our launch in 2005, we have successfully completed prestigious projects amounting to more than 250 million Bahraini Dinars; using the latest technologies we provide world-class architecture and engineering solutions.


Our passionate team brings together development experts from every discipline and we strive to deliver unbeatable service to our diverse international client base. The one-firm ethos at Arab Architects saves time, cuts costs and delivers innovation and success in the most efficient way possible.


Arab Architects comprises a talented team of architects, engineers, planners, project managers, quantity surveyors and various talented staff.

The growth and success of our company is down to three key factors: transparency, loyalty and dedication to our customers. These core values are the cornerstone of what we do and this is what the Arab Architects team believes is key to our success.

Our close-knit team is passionate, creative and proven. We believe in having fun and friendship at work and strive to keep that in our company culture.