About Us

Arab architects is an ISO certified, category ‘A’ consultant registered with the CRPEP which has a talented team known for their high-quality performance and timely completion of assignments. Since our launch in 2005, we have successfully completed prestigious projects amounting to more than 250 million Bahraini Dinars; using the latest technologies we provide world-class architecture and engineering solutions.


Our passionate team brings together development experts from every discipline and we strive to deliver unbeatable service to our diverse international client base. The one-firm ethos at Arab Architects saves time, cuts costs and delivers innovation and success in the most efficient way possible.


Mission and Vision


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Our Clients

Propelled by experience and passion, Arab Architects is proud to have completed numerous milestone projects within the Kingdom of Bahrain, the GCC and globally. We hold a reputation for excellence and nurture a design philosophy that inspires individual works of art as well as a commitment to cutting-edge innovation, all of which are testament to our desire of delivering outstanding results for clients wherever they are in the world.

Arab Architects work in partnership with our clients; our motivated team adopts a creative approach towards design and structure to produce examples of architectural brilliance.

Arab Architects provide a constant point of contact for clients and their contractors. From project initiation until the moment of completion, our expert team monitors the design and construction process as well as managing the complicated logistics of materials, permits and documents.


Established and built over three decades of experience, with a deep understanding of the harsh desert terrain, Arab Architects recognises that design is one of the most powerful strategic tools for securing lasting competitive advantage.

Arab Architects are passionate about creating unique, timeless structures, which meet the requirements of change and growth. Nurturing an innovative design philosophy, we inspire individual works of art that are responsive to purpose, culture and location.

Our most successful projects have achieved a truly shared authorship between the Design and Supervision Team and our clients. We invest time to build long-lasting, strong relationships based on mutual respect and a shared vision.